Reunification of debts with the Negotiating Agency

Financial debts , which hide the domestic economies of many of the citizens, make many times try to find an alternative to be able to pay less, and save a few US dollars, in addition to unifying or joining, all of them in fewer payments, to facilitate with this, all the financing mechanism that is had in each domicile.

All the information on Debt Reunification with the Negotiating Agency

    What is tried with this reunification of debts, is to pay much less each month, for the mortgage and personal loans, for credit card , car loans, ..., to put all together in a single debt, adding with it the installments that are being paid monthly, mainly due to the fact that with this unification a lower interest rate is applied, in addition to trying to find a lengthening of the repayment term, when the current debts are merged.

    Alternatives to debt reunification

    There are financial alternatives that the market offers to users who demand this series of products, mainly due to the need to save "some" us dollars, in the monthly installments of the debts they have open, one of them being, for that reunification, the Negotiating Agency .

    This entity is a negotiating agency with banks, which are specialized in obtaining the best financing, and above all with attractive conditions for clients who demand its services.

    It is an independent body, which is not subject to any financial entity, so it is they themselves who value the product that they can offer to each client, according to their economic situation, through their work team, which will seek Among the options presented by the market, the best possible alternative.

    The Negotiating Agency, through its website, allows a simulation to be carried out, by which they inform you of the new amount that is going to be paid, when the debts are reunified, either due to mortgage or pending loans, that the client has in the actuality.

    It is important to note that from this entity a maximum financing of 80% of the appraisal value is put at the service of the client, in which a maximum amortization period of 30 years is established, setting an interest rate from Euribor + 0, 30%, depending on the conditions of each client.

    The offer of products presented by this Agency is wide, since they have collaboration agreements with financial institutions, both national and international, which allows them to have a wide range of products, encompassed in mortgages , debt refinancing or loans , which further broadens the offer they put at the service of their customers in the market.

    This work of valuation of operations makes them experts, mainly due to the volume, they also have the advantage of having a continuous link with banking entities, which allows them to know the financial market first-hand, presenting each product in the best possible way. way, to the customer.

    It is evident that their job does not consist solely in negotiating the product to be purchased, without carrying out a study of which is the best financial alternative for your current situation, since the purpose of what they are trying to do is to propose the client the best financial option that each client has left.

    The important thing about the operability of this entity is that they ask the client for the necessary documentation, they even go to their home for it, and they are the ones who are in charge of carrying out all the necessary steps to assess the operation, obviously informing the client, of how the different proposals that are going to be offered are going, so that only the client will have to leave their home to sign the new contract, since the communications can be followed via the internet.

    From the Negotiating Agency, they carry out a free study, and in a short period of time, they do the same, once the necessary information is provided regarding the personal and economic situation, being able to do it through their online form, being able to download all series of forms on their website and send them by mail or fax.

    Negotiating Agency Documentation

    Within the requested documentation, the applicant's civil status must be taken into account, since if the civil status is married, documents from both will have to be provided, although the documentation requested from the Agency is the following:

    • Application for study or provision of services signed
    • Photocopy of DNI, Passport or Residence Card
    • Labor situation :

    - Wage earner : Work contract, last Income Statement, bank statements, last 3 payrolls, Labor Life certificate.
    - Self - employed : Last Income Statement, certificate of Labor Life, installment payments and bank statements.
    - Company Partner : Last Income Statement, last Company Tax of the company and the deed in which the company was incorporated.
    - Pensioner : Proof of pension and last Income Statement.
    - Rentista : Rental contracts, last Income Statement and bank statements for the last 6 months.

    • 3 last receipts of the loans or credits that are pending .
    • Deeds of ownership or purchase , provided that some type of operation that affects the financial situation has been carried out.

    This documentation is mainly the one that is going to be required from this entity, but obviously, depending on the situation of each user, more or less things will be requested, since other types of operations can be open, whether financial or real estate, with what the situation of each file can be altered.

    The reunification of debts with the Negotiating Agency , will allow the client who requests its services, to have a greater economic availability each month, by grouping all the loans and cards in a single monthly letter, being the main characteristic of this operation, because Accumulating open financing processes often entails unnecessary expenses that can be corrected if a study is carried out of which are the best alternatives in the market, which is precisely what this agency is in charge of, although obviously the cost of this study and how our financial situation is after the analysis that has been made of each file.

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    (4) Petitions in " Reunification of debts with the Negotiating Agency "

      I need to reunify debts in a single loan

      4 May, 2019 at 4:33

      I need the Negotiation Agency, if it can reunify my debts, in a single loan and thus bring me up to date. Thanks i wait answer. I need to reunify debts in a single loan and thus get up to date with the accounts. I live in Argentina. Thank you.


      HowLynn Credit

      6 May, 2019 at 19:14

      Negotiating agency only deals with credit operations and debt refinancing for residents of United States. And it is necessary to have a home to mortgage


      Group debts in the settlement agency

      21 October, 2015 at 12:32

      Is it possible to reunify my loans and credit card debt in a single letter with the Negotiation Agency? I have several payments a month for the mortgage, the car loan and some quick mini credits and I want to leave it all with a single payment because now I can not face them all


      I need 7000 us dollars

      10 October, 2015 at 13:09

      My phone number 618 04 55 6 I need 7000 us dollars ... is there any way I can contact someone who will tell me really if I can access them I am in the Credit Checker I made the payment of a financial of 600 us dollars but I still appear in the Credit Checker ... I have a contract until 2027 and I would be willing to pay the interest that they ask me


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