POS Dataphones and Credit Cards

What is a Dataphone also known as POS or Point of Sale Terminal? What are the POS for? Where can you buy a POS and what fees do you have to pay for its use?

All the information about POS Dataphones and Credit Cards

    A POS - Point of Sale Terminal - is a technological device composed of hardware and software that are used for the sale of goods and services mainly in shops, hotels, gas stations, etc., by charging by credit or debit card . The Dataphone itself allows the printing of tickets and invoices and the stock control.

    The POS requires a telephone line connected to the device or also wirelessly connected to the router for which it is necessary that it has the proper coverage.

    Types of POS depending on the Business

    At present you can use different types of dataphones according to the business purpose:

    Fixed dataphone.

    In other words, the typical device that we see in shops and restaurants that approach us to enter the credit card and where we have to sign a ticket or insert the secret 4-digit PIN code. Therefore, this type of POS is the most used by stores and in hospitality.

    Virtual Dataphone

    The growth of electronic commerce and therefore remote payments, has created the need for a payment system that allows processing the credit card number with its expiration date data and the CVV secret number. For this, the entities offer the necessary software to set up a payment gateway that allows these remote payments to be made with sufficient security measures for both the buyer and the merchant.

    Hospitality Touch POS:

    The one known as Touch POS, has nothing to do with the dataphones of the banks for the collection of goods and services. The Tactile POS is a computer with a touch screen where you can install management software for the management of restaurants in the hospitality industry.

    Dataphones of Banks and Savings Banks

    The most well-known POS terminals that we see in shops and in the hospitality industry are devices assigned by Banks that offer their customers as one more service and whose charges remain in the current account they have with said entity. All banks have their own POS that carry the visible sticker.

    BBVA POS .- BBVA has different types of POS depending on the business, whether it is a physical store or sales are made online. It has fixed POS, smartphone POS, BBVA Virtual POS and charges commissions from 5 us dollars per month depending on the level of billing.

    La Caixa POS .- Caixabank offers its POS within the business segment and has various ways of collecting commissions depending on the relationship of the company or freelance with other products. La Caixa's virtual POS is called Ciberpac.

    Banco de Santander POS .- Banco de Santander also has fixed POS, via Wi-Fi and virtual POS and for the collection of commissions, it offers a Flat Rate depending on the billing volume starting from 7 us dollars per month and makes a difference between 123 customers and the rest of clients. For example, for monthly billing up to 25,000 us dollars, the commission for 123 clients is 150 us dollars in flat rate.

    Bankia POS. - Bankia, like the rest of the banks, offers its customers the fixed POS for shops and hotels, the Virutal e-commerce POS for online sales and the POS on a smartphone or tablet that allows mobility.

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