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Does Cofidis grant Quick Credits with Credit Checker? How can you request a loan in Cofidis? What procedures are necessary and what documents do we have to present? How long does Cofidis take to make the credit effective? These and other questions are discussed in this article and you can leave your doubts in our form at the bottom of the page:

All the information about Cofidis Loans

    Cofidis Personal Loans

    Cofidis helps to be able to enjoy the new Project Credit that can range between a minimum amount of 4,000 us dollars and 15,000 us dollars, for the personal project that the user wants, from buying a vehicle, a motorcycle or going on a trip. It has an interest starting at 4.95% and a repayment term of up to 6 years to be able to pay it comfortably.

    Until not long ago, the maximum amount to request in Cofidis was 6,000 us dollars with the Cofidis Credit, where you do not have to justify in any way the destination that you want to give to the money that you are granted. Of course, the interests are higher, since they are higher than 20% and the plan is smaller, with a maximum of 41 months.

    The Cofidis Credit can achieve better conditions, with the average interest above 7% being 4.95% the minimum that can be achieved and 14.95% the maximum. What mainly differentiates it from the Cofidis Credit, is that if you have to justify what you are going to spend the money granted through a proforma invoice for the project itself and other extra documentation in case they are necessary.

    As for the loan application, everything is linked to a project that can be up to 15,000 us dollars and that is not complicated to request. If done well and you meet the requirements, it can be granted between 2 and 3 days from when you request it until the amount is deposited into your bank account.

    As basic requirements, you must be of legal age and not be more than 75 years old, in addition to not appearing on lists of defaulters due to non-payment of debts, as well as justifying a usual source of income, which can be a payroll, pension, or quarterly statement in the event that you are self-employed.

    We must not forget that you are going to need a proforma invoice for the project you want to finance.

    When starting the application, you will have to complete the form on the Cofidis website with your data. Once it is completed you will receive it in PDF, where you must print it and sign it.

    Once this is done, you must send it, with the other documentation that they request. In the case of sending it by courier, in 24 hours or 48 hours the papers will be at the Cofidis offices.

    If everything is fine and the request made is approved, it will only take 24 hours to have the money entered. If the procedures are done on a Monday, before Friday you can enjoy the money. If there are weekends or holidays in between, the process may take another day. The conditions of the project are those that dictate the limits, terms and interests.

    Cofidis Quick Loans

    In the range of urgent loans that Cofidis has, there are quick credits that are those that can offer you money quickly for those you need. Cofidis has this type of credit with a repayment plan of 12 to 41 months, being able to choose the installment to be paid each month.

    The selection of fast credits in Cofidis is by selecting on its website the amount you need and the term of return of the money that you have been lent. At the time of calculating the amount to be paid in the entire operation.

    Then you click on the "Request" button and fill in the form with your personal, bank and employment information. Cofidis generally offers an immediate response in urgent personal loans in which they indicate that the application is accepted and the other steps to follow. the time of deposit of the money into account.

    Once this step has been done, you just have to send to Cofidis the duly signed credit agreement and the requested documentation, which is usually a copy of the DNI or NIE, as well as another of the bank account and another of the payroll or proof of your periodic income. As soon as you receive the documentation, the amount requested will be sent to the bank account you have indicated.

    Cofidis Loan Simulator

    Having been in the financial sector in Europe for more than three decades and more than 20 years in our country, they can offer important security, flexibility and experience. Because of this, the loan simulator is a good opportunity to achieve the desired financing.
    Its simulator allows you to simulate the loan you are looking at with total security and confidentiality and it is carried out in a totally secure environment, being free and without any commitment to the entity.

    This means that you can choose the amount of the personal loan you need and the number of installments or monthly payments, which makes it easier to know if you really want to ask for more or less money and make the payment in one period or another.

    The fact is that the two channels offered by Cofidis, the Direct Credit or the Project Credit, are both designed to cover financial needs in a simple and secure way through a catalog of the most extensive products.

    From Cofidis, if its clients want more personalized advice, they can simulate their loan over the phone at 902 30 80 30 (Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 14 hours), where a Cofidis manager attends to all kinds of doubts that may exist.

    From the entity of French origin, the truth is that they put all kinds of facilities when granting this type of loans, being a quite interesting option of those existing in the market.

    Table of Interest Conditions of Cofidis Loans

    Maximum Amount: up to $ 15,000
    Maximum Amortization Term 41 months
    Fixed Interest Rate depends on the loan
    Loan APR 6.12
    Loan fees no opening commission
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