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Abanca is a banking entity centered in Galicia with a wide range of Credits, Loans and Mortgages. What requirements does Abanca ask to authorize the Loans? How long would ABanca take to pay an already authorized Credit? What documents does Abanca need to study the Loans? . These and other questions are discussed below and you can leave your query in our form for this purpose.

All the information about Abanca Loans

    Types of Loans granted by Abanca:

    The Loans offered by Abanca in its portfolio of products are basically 2 modalities: Personal loans Abanca, where the only guarantee is the one offered by the applicant with their solvency and income, and Mortgage Loans when there is an asset that is mortgaged such as a flat or a local

    24 hour loan

    It is the most common, allowing us to obtain an economic amount of at least € 500 and a maximum amount of € 60,000. Keep in mind that the main objective of this loan is to achieve rapid financing. If we meet the stipulated requirements, we can get the money in 24 hours. If an unexpected event occurs and we have to face an urgent payment, it can be a fantastic option. Operation that can be considered within the Abanca Urgent Credits modality for very urgent and unforeseen needs.

    Two ways to access this loan:

    Bonus credit: the most used option, which allows you to reach the maximum amount of € 60,000.
    Visa Clip card: if you opt for this credit card option, you can count on the possibility of making an application that ranges from € 500 to € 6,000.

    There are some reductions in the cost of commissions if you direct your payroll (which can be reduced by up to 7%), or if you purchase insurance with Abanca with a minimum value of € 600. If you take out life insurance that covers an amount of up to € 8,000, the commissions are reduced by 0.75%.

    24 hour auto loan

    If you are looking to buy a new or second-hand car, this is a good option, allowing you to access an amount that ranges between € 6,000 and € 60,000. This allows you to return it in comfortable installments so as not to be overwhelmed when facing the payment.
    This resource allows us to start paying up to 6 months once the vehicle is purchased. This is known as the 6-month grace period, although it is something that has to be approved by the bank.

    Anyway, you are the one who decides the amount you are going to pay monthly. In case you have any doubts about this, the most advisable thing is to ask for advice from Abanca employees.
    When this loan is requested, in addition to the requirements that we have talked about before, the bank will request a payroll and the last income statement. These procedures are simplified to the maximum when you are a bank customer, since you will be able to easily access all the documentation you need.

    Abanca Study Loans

    This could be said to be a loan program that aims to make things easier for those who are finishing school. Here are 4 types of credits:

    Master Loan

    This loan makes it possible for the student to request an amount that can be up to € 44,000. The repayment period will be up to 6 months and a grace period of 2 years can be requested. Regarding the requirements when applying for the loan, only the proof of having made the registration will be requested.

    IESIDE grade loan

    The IESIDE degree loan allows you to obtain up to € 30,000. It is a type of loan designed for a class of registration of the so-called business or premium. The good thing is that the student can adapt the payments to the needs, being able to divide it into comfortable installments without further complications. If you only need to pay the tuition for a priest, the amount is reduced to € 7,500.

    IESIDE postgraduate loan

    Another option that the student has is a loan in which they offer you up to € 24,000 and you can request a 2-year grace period.

    Scholarship Advancement

    If you wait for the arrival of a SCHOLARSHIP, but you need to have the money at that moment, it is possible to use the Abanca Scholarship advance option, an option with which you can access a limit of 95% of the money you are going to receive. As soon as the loan is granted, they give 10 months to repay the amount received.
    As a unique requirement, to have access to the advancement of scholarships you must have it approved and have a document that accredits it.

    Requirements to apply for loans in Abanca


    When requesting a loan in Abanca, a series of requirements must be met. You will be able to inform about them at the Abanca branch that corresponds to you or you can find them online in the section that belongs to the loan you wish to request.

    We now detail some requirements at a generic level that we can show:

    • Identification document: DNI, NIE or equivalent document.
    • Older age (18 years)
    • Income receipt accreditation document. For all this it will be necessary to receive income regularly. Usually the latest payroll and other documents are provided in order to demonstrate that a pension, aid or benefit is received.
    • If you want to request a larger amount of money, we must check if we find a Credit Checker or another record of delinquencies, which could cause the loan to be denied.

    All of these are some of the most basic requirements. In case the bank needs more information, they get in touch to inform about what is necessary.

    Abanca Loans Simulator


    The simulator that Abanca has is an interesting resource with which it is possible to control what is paid month by month in any of the two types offered by the entity, but without further commitments.
    Using these simulators is easy, since you only have to follow 3 steps that we tell you right now.
    You enter the amount of money you will need.
    You enter the time for its return
    You click on accept and you look closely at the interest that you are going to have to pay, in addition to the monthly fee that you are going to have
    As you have seen, Abanca gives you a good range of solutions in its wide range of loans, which cover a multitude of cases of great interest to the public.

    Table of Interest Conditions of Abanca Loans

    Maximum Amount: up to $ 60,000
    Maximum Amortization Term 7 years
    Fixed Interest Rate 4.99%
    Loan APR 5.11
    Loan fees 1.50%
    Web page www.abanca.com

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