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    Are you looking for information about private lenders in Bilbao province of Vizcaya? Are you looking for money loans in Bilbao or any of its large cities and surroundings: Bilbao, Basauri, Portugalete, Erandio, Ermua, Baracaldo, Santurzi, Galdacano, Sestao, leioa.
    Do you have any questions regarding your relationship with banks and savings banks? About mortgages and personal loans, mutual funds, pension plans?

    Quick credits Online Bilbao

    In , social network for Bilbao (Vizcaya), where you can find out about how fast online loans from individuals work through the web platforms that mediate loans between individuals under the recently approved Law and where you can leave your Request for a personal or mortgage loan to be attended by private lenders in Bilbao and other cities, willing to invest their money in exchange for a higher return than what they would receive in their bank with traditional deposits. In the same way, you can leave your questions, doubts or your own experiences that will be attended by financial experts and the opinion of other users.

    For this purpose, if you want to leave your query as a person who is looking for urgent money or a private lender investor who wants to make the loan and online financiers who are dedicated to giving fast microcredits online in Bilbao , you can leave your query by accessing the form in the link above in the menu. At we act as a loan information portal from private to private but we do not grant credits or accept requests for money.

    Our advice is to ask for credit at banks and savings banks in Bilbao in your neighborhood or environment, such as BBVA, Banco de Santander, Bankia, La Caixa or Caixabank, Banco Popular, Banco de Sabadell Atlántico, since you will find better interest rates and legal certainty than in the case of private equity lenders.

    Ask for money in financial online in Bilbao (Vizcaya)

    As a second alternative. If the amount is small, request fast microcredits online in Bilbao and Vizcaya through online financial companies that are dedicated to granting fast loans in Bilbao and pay the money online in 10 minutes if you meet the requirements and do not have rai and ansef. However, in some cases they also grant quick loans with Credit Checker in Bilbao and Vizcaya although this is not usually the usual thing, except that it is about small and justified debts.

    Here we detail some of the online financial companies that grant fast money online in Bilbao and Vizcaya online.

    However, if you have exhausted your possibilities of getting the money you need in these entities because you are in the RAI, Credit Checker delinquency filters or for other reasons such as lack of solvency, not having properties in Bilbao, not being able to justify your income, of guarantors, etc., you can try it in financiers and people who are dedicated to lending money in Bilbao but always keeping in mind that you should not deliver cash in advance to these potential lenders since it is the way they use to carry out the majority from fraud and scams.

    Loans with Credit Checker in Bilbao

    It is also possible to get loans and credits in Bilbao being on a delinquency list such as the Credit Checker and the Rai requesting money online in the financial companies that operate on the internet, if the amount that is registered as delinquent is less than 1,000 us dollars and that the cause of non-payment is not due to failure to pay another credit facility for loans or credit cards

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    (99) Petitions in " Loans between individuals - Bilbao "

    Loan of 40,000 us dollars conditions

    29 October, 2019 at 11:22

    good afternoon !
    I wanted you to pass me conditions of a loan 40,000e thanks


    I need a loan of 1000 us dollars very urgent

    26 April, 2018 at 15:59

    Good afternoon, I need 1000 us dollars very urgently for tomorrow, April 27 before 10 in the morning, it is for medicines, my mother is very sick, I have a fixed payroll of 900 us dollars, my phone: 62728604


    I need 330e urgently

    5 April, 2018 at 14:28

    It is very urgent, I would return it on the 1st, I am a pensioner, please before the banks close tomorrow, the 6th. My email nona7131 hc


    loan 1500 us dollars

    3 April, 2018 at 17:29

    Hello, I urgently need a loan of 1500 us dollars for before April 5 I have a payroll and a fixed contract, my mobile number is 63040441, thank you



    17 January, 2018 at 11:11

    Hello, I urgently need 500 us dollars in an hour to send the girlfriend, she is in Honduras, I have a job, 19 years ago, she received the following payroll 02-03-2018, the day that she would return the loan. THANKS greetings. Please help me.


    I urgently need a loan

    17 December, 2017 at 10:53

    I want to see the possibility of being able to take out a loan to pay debts and be left with this only credit, since due to bad decisions I am over indebted and now I am going through a very difficult time, please your help I will not disappoint.
    Cell +5698951258
    Email roberto.requna1964 gc


    I need € 10,000 for overdue bills and health expenses

    17 June, 2017 at 13:51

    Hello, I need € 10,000 for overdue bills and health expenses, I do not have a payroll, but currently I work I earn € 900 / month, I am urgent!
    answer me at alba3359 (a) .com


    I need an urgent loan of € 2,000

    24 April, 2017 at 16:20

    I need an urgent loan of € 2,000, I am collecting a help of € 800, how could I contact you, please thank me


    I need $ 25,000 for community reform

    19 April, 2017 at 12:49

    I would need a loan of € 25,000 to make payments for a reform in the neighborhood community I am a pensioner with a pension of $ 2,100
    To contact my email is javilucio68 ge
    Thanks a lot


    Hi, I'm in a hurry, I need 1800 us dollars to pay for the house

    3 April, 2017 at 20:57

    Hello, I need 1800 us dollars to pay for the house because if I don't pay, they throw me out on the street with three children, I would pay it back little by little, inclosely, I would work to get the money.


    Hello i'm in a hurry

    3 April, 2017 at 20:53

    Hello, I am in a hurry, I collect 800 us dollars, but to pay the apartment, the worst thing of all is that if I do not pay 2000 us dollars this month, they exhanize me to the street with three children and I have nowhere to go if someone comes to me. I would return it little by little not for me but for my children, I have availability to work


    Loan for Health reasons

    28 March, 2017 at 22:24

    I need 3000 us dollars urgently for health reasons please someone who can help me maitehidalgomedina gema


    Loan of 3000 us dollars

    21 February, 2017 at 13:30

    Tired of online lenders with predatory interest, I am looking for a loan of up to 3000 us dollars. I need to reunify some payments. I have a payroll and stable job for 3 years in the same company. I live near Bilbao. Thank you


    Loan 2500 euos

    29 January, 2017 at 16:04

    I need a loan of 2500, us dollars. Monthly payment ... The interests
    ask ... franyaida05092015 outc


    I urgently need € 2000

    25 January, 2017 at 12:55

    It would be to pay the rent now I have a stable job, payroll and contract I would pay 200 euros in a year, I would return 2400 thank you very much my email is victoria87figueredo gem


    I need € 2000 urgently

    25 January, 2017 at 12:37

    I need € 2000 urgently to pay for a very valuable shipment that my military husband sends me on a mission abroad, I would return it in 15 days at the latest
    iratxevalso hotac


    Loan of 40,000 us dollars

    9 January, 2017 at 13:28

    Hello, I am autonomous and I am up to date with all my payments, the problem is that I want to reunify my loans to live more comfortably. The amount 40,000 e, the banks do not give more than 15,000 without endorsement. If someone is kind enough to help me, I leave an email seoane1678 gem


    I need 25,000 us dollars to pay bills

    26 December, 2016 at 10:29

    I need 25,000 us dollars to advance invoices for my company. Term to return whenever you want.
    I have a dental laboratory and since next year the 2 strongest clinics I work for have told me that they pay me 60 days instead of a month in arrears as before.
    That's why I need that amount with no return problems.
    Jasonearteaga11 gem


    6000 us dollars to unify debts

    2 December, 2016 at 10:22

    Good morning, I need 6000 us dollars to unify my debts and be pending only a single payment

    Fixed work, more than 1000 us dollars of payroll and hired indefinitely for more than 6 months.

    Angel Blond Early Gem



    29 November, 2016 at 14:26

    I need € 60000 to cancel loans, I can pay € 1000 a month without problem… my wife and I work permanently… monthly income € 4200


    I need 2500 us dollars for business

    12 November, 2016 at 9:16

    Hi . I need 25000eu for my business project (already done) I do not have an endorsement or anything of my own to put. I just want to get out of misery and live not survive. The project is good. Large size fashion store, vizcaya. SOS TLF; 68883969


    I need 13,000 us dollars

    7 November, 2016 at 9:10

    Hello, I need 13 thousand us dollars because I am paying a lot of interest for that money and I would like to pay less interest because they are leading me to ruin, I really need a job, how to answer 67419715 thanks


    I need 15000 us dollars urgently

    30 August, 2016 at 11:24

    I need 15000 us dollars urgently. My husband and I have a business and it is going very well but as the insurance has not yet deigned to pay us a breakdown, we were forced to face those payments and now we are whores. We would return it within a maximum period of 24 months. To get in touch use my email sonia_zfr_zfr hotac
    Thank you.


    I need € 270 to pay for the school books, I could return them on September 30

    29 August, 2016 at 8:48

    I need € 270 to pay for school books I earn 400e and I would return the money on September 30, 2016
    Vanessaguerra47 yah es


    I need € 270 to pay for the school books, I could return them on September 30

    29 August, 2016 at 8:45

    Hello, I am a housewife who works in domestic service. I charge € 400 and I need € 270 to pay for school books. I would return them on 9/30/2016


    I need 5000 us dollars dentist expenses

    8 June, 2016 at 10:27

    For a vitaldent debt I need € 5000 I could pay a monthly fee


    I need 6000 us dollars

    6 June, 2016 at 22:17

    I am in the process of separation. I have a 74,000 turnover of my business. The money is in the notary. Without signature woman. Proof of the contract and collection dates. uniaran gem


    I need 5000e for investment

    11 May, 2016 at 8:57

    I require for an investment 5000e I can pay up to 200e per month sparragaxxi hotac


    I need 95000e I would pay 500e a month to sell a place and I would return the loan in full

    23 April, 2016 at 1:26

    I would need until I sell a medical office of 135 m2 furnished x 195000e about 95000e and would pay while a monthly interest of 500e (it would be spoken) until the sale and repay the entire borrowed capital. Investors special


    I need 3000 us dollars urgently

    21 April, 2016 at 5:50

    Hello, I need 3000 us dollars urgently, I work permanently, I will return it in 1 Year. Thank you


    600 us dollars for medical expenses

    4 April, 2016 at 13:34

    Hello, I need 600 -euros for medical expenses. I would give back what they tell me when they say. I have help from unemployment. 426 us dollars
    Phone 60975629.Thank you


    Loan 5000 us dollars cancel vitaldent debt

    18 March, 2016 at 18:16

    I am a person who collects a disability pension and is unemployed at the moment I do not work due to pending health reasons, I would need about 5000 $ to pay pending expenses and be able to settle a pending debt with a labor fund due to a viitaldent matter


    I need 1500 us dollars until I receive the RGI

    16 March, 2016 at 12:07

    Hello, I am a girl from Bilbao and I need 1500 to pay for a rental. I have 3 children and I see myself in the street I hope the help of the RGI of the Basque government I am serious. I hope you hear me as soon as possible thanks


    I need 2000euros, I would return 2500

    23 February, 2016 at 19:38

    Hello, I have a truck and I work, I needed 2,000 euros, I would return 2,500 in three months, my number 65570480, I'm married, 2 children, thank you, I'm from Bilbao and serious


    I request 5000 euros for my studies

    26 January, 2016 at 13:33

    I need 5000euros to pay for the pharmacy degree, who can help me my mail is cedenonestor1 gem
    Thank you


    I need 8000 us dollars urgently for my business, no Credit Checker

    25 January, 2016 at 8:46

    I need 8000 us dollars for my business, no Credit Checker, so if I need a quick response, phone 61912805


    I need 8000 US dollars urgently for my business

    21 January, 2016 at 13:30

    I need 8000 us dollars for my business without Credit Checker and if income, to see if someone can help me. Phone. 61928705


    I need to reunify debts

    24 November, 2015 at 22:45

    I need to reunify debts and I am in Credit Checker. 3000 €


    I need 15000 us dollars urgently

    28 September, 2015 at 11:46

    Hello, good morning, I need 15000 us dollars urgently, I would pay for 2 years, I have a permanent job, I need an answer, please, I'm in Credit Checker


    Hello, I urgently need 15000 fixed work, I would return in time that they tell me before 9-28-2015, thank you

    September 21, 2015 at 20:30

    I would pay it back for two or three years, I'm in Credit Checker and every day the debt goes up


    I need 10000 us dollars hurgente

    7 September, 2015 at 19:29

    I need 10,000 us dollars to repair the house and accommodate my new situation and also fix the car and take away some things.
    I am a pensioner by accident. He collected 800euro for 10 months, 1600 another two and 500 another two.
    I have a total of 16 payments.
    I'm just looking for someone who can help me


    I need help, urgently.

    31 August, 2015 at 12:01

    Hi. I need urgent help of 4000 us dollars to solve a serious family problem. I have a payroll of 1300 us dollars a month and I am in the Credit Checker. If anyone can help, please is urgent



    10 August, 2015 at 6:46

    I need 15000 us dollars, to reunify debts, for a mistake they have put me in Credit Checker, for 14 us dollars, my pension is 2150, I am renting 610 us dollars, I do not know what guarantees can be offered, I do not know if there would be any way to block pension until they collect their monthly fee.


    I need 600 us dollars

    29 July, 2015 at 13:45

    I need 600 euroz to buy an old stroller to continue making renovations, which is starting up quite well


    I loan materials

    21 July, 2015 at 13:26

    I would need 11,000 us dollars to purchase materials and unions to carry out the works that I have contracted. Guarantees contracts with a solvent company. I could pay 1,500 a month


    I have good guarantees

    17 July, 2015 at 17:25

    I need € 40,000 for a place in Bilbao. I have mortgage guarantees, I have properties. I am not a Credit Checker, I accept offers.



    11 July, 2015 at 15:22

    I urgently need 5000euros I am in Credit Checker but I am paying in retention 300 per month to remove the debt that is small. I have a payroll of 1500 per month. It is urgent I have to pay some expenses that have arisen.
    My email is ainhoa.fu


    I need 6000 us dollars, it is urgent

    19 June, 2015 at 8:49

    To reunify debts, I collect 1200 months in 14 payments, indefinite contract for 12 years. My email is



    10 June, 2015 at 9:49




    3 June, 2015 at 21:17

    I urgently need 10,000 US dollars to pay for the works carried out on the facade of the building where I live.

    zorasti (at)



    2 June, 2015 at 7:45

    Hello, good morning, I need a loan to open a bar in the old town of Bilbao. I would like someone to contact me to see the possibilities. Thank you very much. My email is iturribide51ahotmail. Get in touch with me and I'll send my phone number



    21 May, 2015 at 12:54

    I have a pension of $ 1270
    I would urgently need a loan of 600 to meet some payments
    I am in Credit Checker.
    you need to know: return time and commission.
    a greeting


    I need help, urgently

    19 May, 2015 at 7:27

    Hello, you needed a credit of 2000 us dollars for a late payment. I am working with an income of 1200 us dollars a month and despite having a credit granted by the bank they do not let me have it because I am in Credit Checker.
    Can you help me.
    Thank you



    5 May, 2015 at 13:20

    I need a loan of 30,000 us dollars to start a new business. I can't go to the bank because I'm in Credit Checker



    8 April, 2015 at 16:29

    Hello, I am a transporter, I have a fixed job and two trucks, I need a capital of 24000 us dollars for a transport card and a boost in activity, I would urgently need to return the loan in installments of up to 1500 us dollars a month, thank you and best regards.



    7 April, 2015 at 8:49

    I urgently need 500euros. I have started to work as a maitre d 'in a restaurant but I need that money for payments because until the next day, May 1, I do not receive any income. Please, it is very urgent I do not have my gas to travel to work. I return them in two monthly payments or in one depending on the interest.Thanks


    I need 300 and urgently I charge 626 e per month, please help me, it is very urgent

    22 March, 2015 at 18:55

    3000 and I need it urgently, please return them anyway


    I need help

    16 March, 2015 at 14:08

    Hello good morning I need 24000 us dollars to solve my company I have work and provable billing I had problems due to bad debts and now I have to pay a fine and buy a transport card all of this amounts to 24000 us dollars if you can help me 652239042 it would be to put a card in two trucks with work average billing of 10 to 14000 us dollars month thank you.



    7 February, 2015 at 20:39

    I NEED € 3000 to pay a fine, I charge $ 2339 per month and 14 payments, I would pay it in 12 monthly installments.


    I need 1000 us dollars in 24 hours

    3 February, 2015 at 12:33

    I would pay fees of 100 us dollars a month. I have a job and an indefinite contract for 11 years. Email


    particular I need 1300 e

    25 January, 2015 at 9:59

    It is very urgent, I would pay it at 300 e a month, please, it is urgent 688869040



    24 January, 2015 at 21:36

    I need urgent financing for operation
    € 15,000 would be what I need, I have everything invested and I don't want to miss it.
    I could pay 600 a month


    I need € 1500 urgently

    20 January, 2015 at 23:02

    Loan of € 1500 so that they do not throw us out of the apartment I have payroll and help would pay in installments Large family, very worried about any help thanks .665018850


    I need a small loan of € 1000

    5 January, 2015 at 13:15

    I need a loan of € 1000 to pay unexpectedly.
    I have an employment contract and would return as we will agree.


    I need a loan of 5100 us dollars.

    December 18, 2014 at 19:12

    Hello, I need a loan of 5100 us dollars. I'm on Credit Checker lists. But I have a fixed payroll since 2000, I collect 2100 us dollars a month, I would have no problems making payments. I have no properties. Just payroll. The money is to buy a car without a license from a car dealer. Or if not, I need financing to buy it. I need it to go to work. It is urgent, thank you.


    problem with finance

    3 December, 2014 at 21:02

    Hello, I am a transporter from Bilbao and I have a debt with the Treasury of 10,000 us dollars and I do not see how to get out of the well because I can not find any help anywhere. Can someone help me??? Thank you. Tazbilbao1


    I need 800 e

    3 December, 2014 at 12:00

    I need 800e to face some payments… ..pagaria in installments soraia 675208984



    21 November, 2014 at 17:10

    I need 2900 us dollars to face an unforeseen payment, I receive a pension of 1926.90 and my wife 600.30 for fourteen payments a year, we are serious. Thank you.



    17 November, 2014 at 15:00

    Hello, I need an urgent loan of 6000 us dollars I have a pension of 1154 and I am in afne my email is



    21 October, 2014 at 10:01

    I would need it urgently, between 10,000 us dollars to be able to open a feasible business I would appreciate help begoagu (a) Thank you very much


    For current business that grows I need 40,000 us dollars I can pay 1,500 per month, I could even amortize 10,000 in the sixth installment.

    15 October, 2014 at 16:21

    For current business that grows I need 40,000 us dollars I can pay 1,500 per month, I could even amortize 10,000 in the sixth installment.



    15 October, 2014 at 16:20

    For current business that grows I need 40,000 us dollars I can pay 1,500 per month, I could even amortize 10,000 in the sixth installment.


    I urgently need $ 1200 I would return it as they ask me

    12 October, 2014 at 13:17

    If someone can help me, contact me, it would help me a lot in a personal problem that is weighing me down a lot. (a) thanks


    I apply for a loan for my business liquidity

    9 October, 2014 at 10:41

    We need the loan to reform the business and further enhance the winter season with a new image I can easily pay 500 a month or a little more if necessary and given that the season is approaching, I think that the reform is essential and as we all know the Times that banks handle are very slow.

    Thanking you in advance for your attention.
    Atte. mario aurelio martinez espitia
    mario_espitia (at)


    I need $ 2000 in 24h

    2 October, 2014 at 12:06

    I can pay 400 e a month to pay off the loan

    eltitopricus at


    Project financing

    1 October, 2014 at 14:36

    Entrepreneur seeks financing of 50,000 us dollars for business expansion, I put commercial premises as collateral and offer residual returns for life.
    Esther 657713020.


    I need financing

    16 September, 2014 at 13:32

    I need urgent project funding.
    € 15,000 would be what I need, I have everything invested and I don't want to miss it.

    emteleco to



    5 September, 2014 at 8:17

    I would urgently need € 2000 and € 1063 pension collection in Bilbao my email address josemartinahotmail. Com


    I need 2000 $ in 48 hours

    9 August, 2014 at 15:53

    I urgently need $ 2000 for an unforeseen problem. I have a fixed payroll of $ 2300. Thank you. My address is yaiza_amurrio at


    Private loan. From10000 us dollars

    25 July, 2014 at 16:31

    Needed. Ten thousand us dollars to carry out my business I pay 500 per month I need an urgent response I do not have properties. arantzapeluqueras (at) gmail com


    I need 2000 us dollars for some previous debts that do not let me start from scratch

    5 July, 2014 at 19:54

    I separated from my partner and I had enough debts because she did not contribute anything. Now I live with my parents so my expenses are for the phone and car only, thanks to their understanding, so I have been liquidating almost everything because I have 2 jobs what happens is that none are with payroll. I have worked in the Circulo de Lectores as an agent since 2005 and in 10 schools that change annually, some enter and others leave, as a chess monitor since 1993. Now in the summer I have no schools and I am more drowned although I will work in August in the rubbish of the Hospital de Cruces for Garbialdi, there if with a payroll of about 1500 us dollars. The problem is that the rest of the year I have quietly paid the 600 us dollars a month but now June, July and August I have been and I am drowning. I could, as soon as I collect the payroll on September 30 or 1, return 750, and then the rest as requested. My bank will not give it to me because of the payroll, and because I have a small Credit Checker of 300 us dollars for a pintxo of the laptop that stopped working and I did not receive the receipts or the claims for the move in the separation and I have found out recently. If all goes well I will liquidate it when I return to schools in October.
    In short, I need the money to update the debt and to pay July and August, and from September I would give a first installment of 750 and then as we agree. My name is Koldo and my email is kurbieta (a) By the 10th I would need at least the 1200 of June and July.
    Thanks a lot


    I am looking for a loan to refloat business

    June 24, 2014 at 12:21

    We are a hotel family, we need a loan to start a business, we will need about 15,000 us dollars, the only guarantee is the income of the business, since the properties are inherited and the banks do not help us.


    I urgently need 3000 us dollars

    June 22, 2014 at 19:30

    Well, I have a job and I need 3000 us dollars if I don't lose my job as a self-employed person, my van has broken down and I don't have all of it for the repair I need help I can return 600 a month thanks to my number 601090797 I provide a monthly profit and repair invoice it is no lie and employment contract


    Private loan. From 20000euros

    June 21, 2014 at 17:47

    I need 20000euros of urgent particular loan, I would pay 500euros a month my email arantzapeluqueras (a)


    I need 5000 us dollars urgently

    19 June, 2014 at 15:06

    I need 5000 us dollars to start working again I would return it in 3 semester installments, please answer me quickly


    I am looking for an urgent loan of € 5000-6000 for a flat

    14 June, 2014 at 13:42

    Yor I am looking for a lender in Bilbao and surroundings that could lend me between € 5000 and € 6000. The rental contract for my home has ended and the owners are going to sell the apartment so I need the money to be able to pay the required 3 months for the house and since I am away from work I need to buy a car. I get money through a pension that I receive and a job without a contract. I would return € 200-300 per month. Here is my contact number 627042913. Thank you


    I need € 2000 I have an indefinite contract to pay quickly

    June 1, 2014 at 7:30

    I need € 2000 for an emergency family, I have a fixed job and could pay them in 6 months in known installments, I need an answer as soon as possible if someone can this is my email I hope answer tlf 610010826


    I have a job, permanent contract, I need 2000 us dollars, URGENT !!

    21 May, 2014 at 19:50

    I got a job a month ago, with a contract of indefinite duration, although I don't start working until June, with which I could pay back one part in July and the other in August, if I can do everything at once.

    I need 2000 us dollars, it depends on the conditions of return payment, I would be calmer with 3000 us dollars, as of July 1 my problems will end since I will collect the payroll.

    I can repay the loan pretty quickly, in 1 or 2 months. My urgency is momentary, until I get paid monthly.

    My e-mail is reiko_ibarrondoarrobayahoopuntoes
    When they contact me by e-mail, I will give the mobile number and we can address the loan by phone,
    Getxo, Bilbao or surroundings.


    I need an urgent loan of 25,000 us dollars

    7 May, 2014 at 23:08

    I need a loan of 25,000 us dollars to pay tax rates, for the collection of a check withheld by a foreign bank a high percentage of taxes will be paid I have a fixed payroll I have a mortgage guarantee for a house of 100m2 in the Getxo Vizcaya arenas and half of a Apartment in Badajoz of 90 m2 with a mortgage debt of 20,000 us dollars, repayment of the loan at the end of the payment of my check, I am willing to pay a high interest. It's very urgent. I am open to all kinds of agreements and with a notary if necessary please I am a responsible person with 40 years of age it is very urgent thanks to my phone 615124645 - nereaotxoantezana (a) the (a) means @ for security for scams available at any time and open to all questions and proposals is urgent thanks.


    I have a payroll and I have a job, I would need 1,800 e

    6 May, 2014 at 8:41

    I would need 1,800 e to be able to face the rental of the house. I could return up to 2,600 divided into 9 months. I have work and could pay 300 e month


    I am looking for urgent money private lender

    1 May, 2014 at 15:09

    I need quick credit in Bilbao of 1,500 us dollars to buy a second-hand motorcycle that I use to go to work on a farm in Vizcaya and I don't have public transport. I return in installments of 150 us dollars per month of the credit plus interest


    I need 3500 us dollars as soon as possible to cover holes that say that it happens bigger they become

    26 April, 2014 at 15:41

    I am a responsible girl I have my apartment and my mortgage is always up to date and I am working I am a fixed kitchen assistant, please is there someone, a lender who can help me quickly, thank you from the heart


    500 us dollars urgent

    23 April, 2014 at 13:36

    I urgently need 500 us dollars for unforeseen expenses I have income from pension and unemployment help


    ptestamo to open visa!

    28 March, 2014 at 9:03

    good morning! I needed about 2000-2500 us dollars to just open some visas for my relatives, I would return it in a period of 2 months with the interest that would be put at that amount. Please, it's for the beginning of April! thanks greetings


    I need loans 2000 us dollars urgently

    3 March, 2014 at 18:25

    I am looking for a lender in Bilbao or in the vicinity of Vizcaya and Euskadi to lend me urgent money. I need 2000 us dollars to pay some debts. With 1200 us dollars in the first week I could fix myself and the rest in 15 days.
    I return the money in 3 months with the interest that they ask me.
    I have Credit Checker and the bank won't let me money


    I need 6000 us dollars

    17 January, 2014 at 7:22

    Hello, I need 6000 us dollars to set up a carpentry, I have income but they pay me in b


    I need 1000 us dollars now

    5 December, 2013 at 12:17

    I need 1000 us dollars now so my life is not ruined. I could earn 1,400 us dollars in three months. Quick response please, thank you. Trust me I am desperate.


    I need an urgent loan in 24 hours

    18 October, 2013 at 9:37

    I need 2500 us dollars urgently. If possible, it will be a quick response and online. I have a very urgent debt to attend to. I can leave my car under warranty. I return in 3 months the credit plus interest that they ask me. I can return 3000 us dollars in three months


    I'm looking for a € 20,000 credit to set up a grill

    14 October, 2013 at 21:10

    I would like you to inform me of what requirements are necessary to contract a private loan with a person other than a bank because I want to set up a grill and I need € 20,000, I have several garages that I would put as collateral.


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