BBVA Personal Loans, Interest

Are you processing a loan application at BBVA? What is more interesting at a Fixed or Variable rate? How long does BBVA take to grant the loan? Here we inform you of the requirements that you have to meet, what interest BBVA charges for loans, what documents are necessary to provide and we provide you with a simulator to calculate the installment to pay. How long does BBVA take to grant a loan?

All the information on BBVA Personal Loans, Interests

    If we consult your page on Banking for individuals, we will have information on mortgage loans and personal loans or loans to individuals.

    In the loans of individuals, they detail the online personal loan with the following characteristics:

    BBVA online personal loan

    ✅ Interest rate from 6.95% NIR (APR from 7.87% to 10.10%).

    ✅ Up to $ 75,000 and up to 8 years term. Minimum 3,000 us dollars

    ✅ Online loan without study fee.

    - With direct debit payroll interest rate 6.95%. Without direct debit payroll: 7.95%.
    - Opening commission 2.30%. Cancellation fee: 0.50%.
    The payroll must be at least 1,000 us dollars per month and if there are 2 people who collect payroll. Minimum 1,500 between the two

    BBVA Car Credit online

    Excellent interest conditions to finance the purchase of the car.

    ✅ Interest rate from 5.70% NIR (APR 6.41%).

    ✅ Up to $ 75,000 and up to 10 years of term.

    ✅ Without study commission. Opening commission 2.30%. Cancellation fee 0.50%

    - Interest rate depending on the age of the car
    - Car less than 3 years old: With payroll or pension domiciled TIN 5.70% (APR from 6.41% to 8.74%)
    If you do not have the direct debit payroll: TIN 6.95% (APR from 7.75% to 10.10%)
    - used car more than 3 years old: TIN 6.70% (APR from 7.48% to 9.83%)
    If you do not have the direct debit payroll: TIN 7.95% (APR from 8.83% to 11.21%), the direct debit payroll must be at least 1,000 us dollars.

    BBVA pre-granted loans - Crédito Pide

    Outside of the online loan catalog, BBVA has the PIDE loan, which is considered a pre-granted loan. That is, the bank through its computer system makes a selection of clients based on their historical data to whom it pre-authorizes a loan and sends them a letter indicating that they have authorized a loan and they only have to go through the office to sign and withdraw the money. In general, this offer is usually made to people who do not need the money but it is effective since sometimes the client decides to buy or spend on something that in principle they did not plan to do, this being a safe group for BBVA due to its history of payments and favorable balances.

    Requirements to Request Credits at BBVA

    Requirements that BBVA demands to study the granting of a personal, consumer or mortgage loan.

    - Be of legal age and less than 70 years old.
    - Resident in United States who may well be Spanish with DNI or Foreigner with Residency Card
    - Not appear in Rai, Credit Checker or other records of unpaid or delinquent
    - Have enough regular income to pay the fee in a comfortable way
    - Provide basic documentation that proves income and solvency

    The BBVA Bank code assigned in your license by the Bank of United States in Entity 0182 and you can request credits and loans in any of its network of branches that we detail in the following link: BBVA branches in United States

    BBVA personal loan simulator

    In order to know what you would pay per month of installment for the requested loan, we put at your disposal this BBVA credit simulator where simply by entering the amount, the interest rate that BBVA charges you according to the cases previously exposed with payroll or without domiciled payroll and the term to be returned. Maximum 10 years.

    As a result, he obtains the amount that he will pay each month and knowing of said installment which part of the debt is being amortized and which part pays the bank with interest. And with information from a fully detailed payment table.

    To find out if the bank will grant you the credit, calculate the fee so that the amount of it does not exceed 35% of the income of your family unit. That is to say, adding all the payroll that there was and deducting expenses for payments of other loans.
    If you are not registered in Credit Checker and you meet that requirement by having a payroll, it will surely be granted.

    And you can get more information on your BBVA personal banking website.

    Personal Loans in other Banking entities to compare

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    (2) Requests in " BBVA Personal Loans, Interest "

      How long does BBVA take to give me the credit

      22 May, 2019 at 6:18

      Once I send the request and everything signed, how long does it take to enter the loan? Thank you.


      HowLynn Credit

      22 May, 2019 at 6:58

      It will depend a lot on the amount you request. If the office director has the corresponding delegation to authorize its operation, he can do so on the same day. If your request had to go to a higher body of the bank, it could be delayed for about 3 days.


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