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$ 5000

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$ 100 - $ 1,000
Loan amount
0.00 - 1,007.00%
11 months

Important information

  • Free First Credit
  • No papers and no questions
  • Instant money payment
  • Expensive interest on subsequent requests
  • Minimum quantities
  • Short term to amortize
Example: Loan amount: $ 200. Term: 1 months. Fee: $ 140. Total amount to pay: $. - Maximum APR: 1,007.00%
$ 50 - $ 300
Loan amount
3,752.00 - 4,114.00%
7 - 30 months

Important information

  • Loan granted with great speed.
  • Good information on your website.
  • Use of SMS to accept the loan.
  • Loans are not granted to people over 70 years of age.
  • You have to have demonstrable income.
  • You cannot have debts with third parties or be in default.
Example: Loan amount: $ 300. Term: 30 months. Fee: $ 140. Total amount to pay: $ 405. - Maximum APR: 4,114.00%
$ 100 - $ 900
Loan amount
2,229.00 - 2,229.00%
90 - 180 months

Important information

  • Comfortable fixed weekly fees.
  • Interest on late payment does not apply.
  • You only pay what is agreed.
  • First loan of only € 300.
  • You pay installments from the first week.
  • High APR.
Example: Loan amount: $ 300. Term: 180 months. Fee: $ 140. Total amount to pay: $ 467. - Maximum APR: 2,229.00%
$ 50 - $ 700
Loan amount
0.00 - 216.24%
390 - 1230 months

Important information

  • First free loan in 1 month.
  • Money in your pocket in 15 minutes.
  • You can make a 15-day extension on your loans.
  • You have to be at least 25 years old to request money.
  • Up to $ 300 on your first loan only.
  • They do not grant you the loan if you are in Credit Checker.
Example: Loan amount: $ 575. Term: 1230 months. Fee: $ 140. Total amount to pay: $ 797. - Maximum APR: 216.24%
$ 1,000 - $ 40,000
Loan amount
6.34 - 15.62%
720 - 2160 months

Important information

  • Very high loans of up to € 40,000.
  • Fixed rates on loans.
  • Repayment of the loan in adjustable installments.
  • The request takes 48 hours to be accepted.
  • They carry out a scoring of your person.
  • They do not give loans while in Credit Checker.
Example: Loan amount: $ 8,500. Term: 2160 months. Fee: $ 140. Total amount to pay: $ 10,002. - Maximum APR: 15.62%

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What do I have to know before taking out a loan?

All the information about Loans without payroll

    Having a payroll or working for someone else opens many doors. If we have a stable job with a fixed contract, a reasonable salary and we have no defaults on previous loans, it is the best tool to buy consumer goods, request a credit card and of course, it also opens the doors of banks.
    Where to apply for loans without payroll

    But what happens if I don't have a payroll because I don't have a job in a company or with third parties? Can't I get a loan or buy a home?

    The fact of not having a payroll does not mean that we have closed all the credit doors. By not having direct debit payroll, it can be for different reasons:

    a) That we work on our own , that is, as self-employed and registered in the regime of self-employed Security workers, in which case, we must keep an accounting where we reflect our income and expenses and the profit obtained.
    Therefore, in this case, it will be enough for us to present our income statement and the aforementioned accounting at the bank where we officially show what income we have. In the case of those undeclared income, we can provide bank movements where it is shown what income is received and for what concept.

    b) We can be unemployed, in which case, banks almost as a rule refuse to grant loans in which case, we should look for someone, generally a relative to guarantee us or provide a home or property as a guarantee that can be mortgaged.

    Having a Payroll domiciled in a Bank is necessary to Request a Loan but not essential. There are financial companies that grant credits without payroll

    Online loans without payroll

    We can conclude then that it is almost essential to have a payroll in the case of being a paid or employed worker and otherwise, to be able to demonstrate that we have enough income to meet the monthly loan repayment payments, so there are loans without payroll but it will always be more difficult to get and access credit.

    However, if you can get fast money without payroll very easily and loans without documentation or with little paperwork in the so-called fast online mini-credits that offer financial companies that are dedicated to granting small amounts usually 300 us dollars and that must be repaid in a very short period of time that is usually 30 days or collection at the end of the month.

    In these entities, just by informing the ID, an account number in the bank and a mobile phone they give you 300 us dollars in 10 minutes without asking what you want it for and if you have properties without guarantees or endorsements.

    They even grant you loans with Credit Checker as long as the amount you have of debt registered in Credit Checker is not very large and some admit up to 1000 or 2000 us dollars.

    Requesting Credits Online in Financial Companies is a good way to get Loans without payroll and without endorsement

    Credits without Payroll and without Home being in Credit Checker

    If it is difficult to get a loan without having a payroll , that is, to work for someone else either as fixed or temporary, it would be more difficult to get money on loan if we are on a list of defaulters, mainly the best known, the RAI and the Credit Checker .

    The first thing banks, savings banks and even online finance companies do when they analyze the granting of a loan is to consult what they call risk filters , that is, they have access to the Credit Checker registry and with their name and surname or with the DNI, in just a few minutes they know if you have any overdue debt in another entity and not paid when due.

    In the same way, they can consult the CIRBE - Central Inversiones Riesgos Banco de United States - where they find out all the credits they have signed in other banks and finance companies including credit cards, car purchases, furniture, etc.

    To take into account that to be able to consult the CIRBE before they must have the authorization of the interested party since they are protected by the LOPD - Data Protection Law -

    Sometimes, you can save the fact of being on a list of defaulters if you own a home free of charges in which case what you request is a mortgage loan where your apartment is left as collateral and in case of not paying, the bank seizes it.

    There are also private and financial lenders that lend you enough money to clean up the Credit Checker debt through a mortgage and later, once it no longer appears in the delinquent registry, you can go to any bank to apply for credit.

    Loans without payroll or guarantees and without paperwork

    Considering the above, we can summarize that the only way to obtain loans without payroll or endorsement and without owning a home is to request a mini-credit that, as we have indicated previously, the maximum they grant is 300 us dollars.

    In these cases, online finance companies ask very few requirements, ask few questions, and in return they charge you dearly, even 10 times more than what they would charge you in a bank.

    Companies that grant mini-loans instantly do not ask for guarantors and do not have to send them much documentation.

    What they ask is to be of legal age, have income per month for some reason, have a mobile phone and an email. The amount of the credit can be allocated to whatever you want and does not ask for the destination.

    Loans with Credit Checker and without Payroll

    To request a credit being in Credit Checker and without payroll there are not many viable alternatives given the importance that banks give to being on the Credit Checker lists. However, there are always possible solutions.

    If what you need is a small credit or mini-loan , you can request the same in an online financial company that grants credits only with the DNI without documents without too many questions and that admit Credit Checker as long as the amount owed is not more than 1,000 us dollars.

    Another option to request a loan without payroll and with ansef is to pawn the car. That is, ask for the money in one of the financial companies that make loans with the car guarantee . The downside is that they grant very low percentages with respect to the value of the car.

    Another alternative is to request a loan with the guarantee of a flat or a premises. There are agencies that manage debt reunification by grouping several loans to pay a single installment, provided that you have the possibility of mortgaging a property.

    It is also possible that another person from Paydaynow, family member or friend who has a payroll or good solvency, requests the money on our behalf and subsequently we pay the fee each month. Sometimes, the loan money can be used to clean the Credit Checker and thus be free to request money directly on our behalf

    You can get a loan without payroll with Credit Checker if the amount registered in arrears is less than 1,000 us dollars

    Loans without payroll of 500, 1000, 2.000 us dollars

    As we have indicated at the beginning, having a payroll is an almost sure guarantee of obtaining loans easily. However, when it comes to fast loans, the fact of having a payroll is less important and what the financiers ask is that you show regular income every month and not necessarily a salary.

    Periodic income can come from work, from some help, from the collection of unemployment, from contributory pensions, rents, rents and any income that we can justify.

    Although finance companies have the custom to grant only 300 US dollars in the first operation, once it is canceled, new credits can be requested, reaching up to 1,000 US dollars and in some cases up to 3,000. Everything is a matter of comparing all the financial companies that exist in the market and requesting the credit without payroll of 500, 1000 or 3,000 us dollars depending on their limit.


    There are many financial companies that among their hiring requirements is not having a payroll to be able to demonstrate recurring income in my savings account.

    The BBVA bank makes credit cards available to its customers to be able to finance purchases from customers who do not have a payroll. In this way you can deal with money instantly and you can return it in comfortable terms.

    In our HowLynn Credit loan simulator you can make a comparison of the type of credit or loan you need.

    Yes, there are several financial companies and some banks that grant loans without payroll when urging you urgently.

    What financial companies work with loans without payroll?

    In the United States there are several companies such as BBVA, Cofidis, Vivus, Dineo ... In our comparator you can discover all the loan companies that will grant you financing even if you do not have a payroll.


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