Convenient installment loans

Zinedo does not offer high loan amounts, but on the other hand lower liabilities are much easier to pay back. Sometimes this amount is enough to save home finances. The payment should be made within a maximum of 4 months, which allows the payment to be divided into reasonable parts for the budget. Although PLN 1,000 is not a liability that would be difficult to pay back, a one-time refund of this amount can sometimes be difficult. Especially that you should always keep in mind other financial obligations that must also be paid on time.

Zinedo – 1000 PLN in convenient installments

Zinedo - 1000 PLN in convenient installments

The loan market is growing all the time, which is why more and more offers appear on it. Borrowers must look for terms that suit them. For this reason, non-bank companies should guarantee convenient offers for them. Zinedo tries to adapt to the needs of customers, providing them with an installment loan of PLN 1,000. Cash is paid in Polish currency and can be used for any selected purposes. This is not a high amount, but you can still divide it into installments. Thanks to this, we don’t violate the monthly budget and don’t worry that the money will run out faster than we expected.

Zinedo does not hide costs

Zinedo does not hide costs

Zinedo allows you to choose the amount and the right loan period, presenting the exact repayment terms. The customer sees how much the commission, interest, installments and APRC will be, i.e. the actual annual interest rate. He knows what installment he will have to repay and the exact date of settlement of the liability. Awareness of costs when taking on financial obligations is the most important. We should know what expenses await us in order to reasonably plan the budget for the coming months. We will not have to worry about the unpleasant consequences of non-repayment due to well-thought-out decisions.

Zinedo – requirements

Zinedo - requirements

Zinedo sets strict conditions that must be met to be able to take advantage of the attractive offer. First, you must have full legal capacity, be a citizen of the Republic of Poland and have a permanent residence. It is necessary to be able to repay liabilities, which is why the lender carries out a credit risk assessment. He wants to be sure that the money he borrows will be returned on time. A financially reliable customer will not cause delays and will comply with the terms of the signed contract. The borrower is required to provide in the contract his name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address and data regarding his place of residence. In addition, a PESEL number, ID number and series, parents’ names and source of income are required. The customer must specify from which source he receives the monthly remuneration that will allow him to repay the commitment. It can be a contract of employment, a mandate contract, a contract for specific work, own business or retirement. Income from running a farm is also accepted, with the indication of the workplace and conversion hectares.

Zinedo – more loans

When applying for a loan at Zinedo, you cannot have other obligations with this lender. First you have to pay back one loan and then you can take another one. The lender cares about the financial security of his clients, not allowing them to have too many benefits at one time. It should also be noted that the borrower may not be declared bankrupt or in bankruptcy.

Zinedo – The process of applying for a loan

Zinedo - The process of applying for a loan

Zinedo guarantees an easy loan process. To receive the necessary cash, all you have to do is follow these four simple steps:

  • Determining the amount needed and completing the application
  • Receipt of the decision after analyzing the submitted application
  • Making the verification fee
  • Receiving money to a bank account

The first step is to determine the amount that will meet our needs. Zinedo provides up to PLN 1,000, which can be spent on any selected purpose. Then it is necessary to complete the application. We provide basic information about you and data on your income. Without this, we cannot count on acceptance of the application we have sent.
We receive the decision after sending the completed form. The analysis process has two stages, therefore it can take up to 24 hours. First, credit risk is assessed, then the lender assesses the correctness of the entered data and our status in the BIG databases. If the decision is successful, the client receives a positive response and further instructions.
The next step is to make a verification transfer for the amount of PLN 0.01. It marks the end of the loan agreement process.
When Zinedo accepts the application, he launches a loan. Makes a transfer to the borrower’s account with the amount specified in the signed contract. The borrower can reasonably use the sum received, remembering to pay the debts on time.

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