Credit platform enters the market

May 2019 – is an important date for the development of the financing market in Poland. Good Finance officially started his activity. Why is our platform unique? What does the application process on the platform look like? How did that happen already

How did we come up with the idea of ​​creating a platform?

The creators of Good Finance come from off-line financing in Poland. For years, they have been one of the market leaders – one of the three largest financial intermediation networks in our country. How did it happen that we became interested in on-line borrowing and creating a completely Polish credit platform.

It is obvious that more and more companies give the opportunity to receive financing online. As a result, more and more customers are looking for financing on the internet. The market of digital marketing agencies is also developing, which specialize in searching the Internet for a customer who would like to take out a loan or credit. On the other hand, even a customer acquired on the Internet still expects access to information, help with comparing offers, contact with a non-bot advisor and a live person.

The combination of these few elements has become an inspiration to create a platform that will combine the best of what gives online and what is best in the off-line process. So what does it look like on the Good Finance credit platform? The customer is therefore given the opportunity to submit an application via the platform to all institutions that are on Good Finance .com’s offer . As a result, it will receive real offers prepared on the basis of creditworthiness assessment.

If the customer decides to choose one of them, one of our 3,000 agents will contact him in a maximum of 10 minutes. The agent will be happy to advise you on the differences between offers and help you choose the best one. The agent will also help in finalizing the contract.

Products on the platform

Since the beginning of 2019, we have intensified efforts to create one application for the largest possible number of products available on the platform. What’s more, our goal from the beginning was to create a replicated process enough to make adding a new product quick, easy and pleasant. As a result of these activities, we enter the market with a platform having as many as 10 products from ten non-bank funding leaders in Poland, which puts us at the forefront of this type of solution. A wide non-bank offer is not the only key to success.

There is a wide range of clients who are looking for bank financing. Our cortical system is therefore already integrated with 3 large banks in Poland, which will soon be available to our clients. Our goal is that regardless of the risk profile of the customer who enters the Good Finance platform, he always receives a real offer. Our goal is that regardless of whether our client is a person employed under a contract of employment, a pensioner, a person running a business or simply a company, he always receives a real offer.

Good Finance wants to develop for his clients, giving them not only a fast and effective process, but also the real support of an agent who provides advice and help. We invite you to visit the credit platform. Good Finance credit platform offers real offers in one place and Agent support. We are waiting for the first opinions regarding our credit platform.

Agent platform

Good Finance was created as a tool for the client. The Good Finance credit platform is also an Agent. Therefore, if you run a credit institution, sell loans and credits, we invite you to the concept of cooperation with the Good Finance credit platform. Cooperation with the Good Finance credit platform guarantees customer acquisition from the Internet and the prestige of co-creating the largest Polish credit platform.

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