Driving license financing – How do I get the driving license on credit?

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Borrow money from parents, grandparents or other relatives

  • previous saving of the required sum
  • Wait until the age of 18

In addition to the fact that the driving license is actually often co-financed by the grandparents or parents, the most sensible option is certainly to set aside for a period of many years monthly a certain amount with which the driver’s license can ultimately be financed.

A third alternative is always to wait until the age of majority

Basically, learner drivers today have to reckon on the total cost of a driver’s license, which can range between € 1,500 and € 3,000. Of course, a third alternative is always to wait until the age of majority.

Hardly any young adult, even as a minor, is dependent on having a driver’s license for business reasons, for example.

Driving the vehicle under 18 is allowed anyway

In addition, driving the vehicle under 18 is allowed anyway only in the course of accompanying driving, so that this solution is only necessary for very few young people.

If the age of 18 is reached, financing through a bank or the driving school can, of course, be used without difficulty, if it is possible to pay the agreed installment, for example, on income resulting from a student job or other part-time job.

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