Installments loans -Cash installment loans online are a borrower’s best friend

An installment loan of up to PLN 10,000 with us will help finance any expenditure – large and small. Take money today and enjoy!

Cash installment loans online are a borrower’s best friend 

At BiBank, we focus on freedom of choice. You decide how much to borrow. You can take from 2,000 PLN to even 10,000 PLN. Adjust the right amount to your needs. Just a few moments.

Also, decide how long you want to pay back the loan. Do you care about low installments, tailored to the possibilities of your financial situation? Don’t want to strain your home budget with a monthly repayment? Nothing easier! Extend the repayment period accordingly. We borrow money even for 24 convenient installments.

Or would you like to pay back the loan as soon as possible? No problem! Just choose a repayment period of 12 months. Isn’t that easy? Because BiBank installment loan is the perfect solution for people who want to have full control over the repayment deadlines.

Our installment loan is waiting for you, just click here now. Borrow money today!

Installment loan up to PLN 10,000 without any complicated formalities

BiBank gives freedom of choice. It also frees you from complicated formalities. You borrow money from us without complicated procedures, incomprehensible entries in the contract or small hooks. BiBank installment loan means transparency, ease of application and short waiting time for money.

You do not have to prepare a stack of documents, prove that you are reliable, bring guarantors or pledge real estate. To borrow money from BiBank, all you need is your ID card. The same day, the money will be in your account. And when you confirm your data via Facebook, you will receive a discount from us.

Borrow quickly, pay back slowly!

At BiBank, you can borrow money very quickly. No complicated formalities, simple procedures and freedom in choosing the parameters of the commitment is a guarantee that you will receive funds on time. Exactly when you need them.

BiBank is a quick installment loan that you can pay back as long as you want. We give you 24 months to do this. Decide for yourself whether you want to reduce the maximum installment and sign a contract with us for 2 years, or you prefer to choose a shorter repayment period.

You always have the freedom to choose! We will adapt to your requirements.

Easy installment is our motto

Easy installment is our motto

At BiBank, the installment is always right for you – not too big, not too small. Just right! Because we offer a quick installment loan you can afford. We always focus on light installments that will support any household budget. We have designed our loan so that the amount of interest does not affect your sense of comfort.

We approach your needs flexibly. You can change the loan terms and conditions you set up at any time. All you need to do is contact our customer service office at +48 222 40 40 40 or start chatting on BiBank.

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